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About this website

Launched Aug 2013

This is a new website. The concept of statewide listing of ALL available contractors per Shire will provide clearer choices for landholders/clients. Contractors will also benefit from this website by being able to specifically target the right audience. In addition to maintaining a very important local presence, this website is also the ideal platform for promoting your business in adjoining Shires and beyond.

Advertising costs - *NEW - starting 12/11/16: 25% discount when you sign up for 1 year!
 (Saves both of us going through the renewal paperwork - and the first 6 months goes quick anyway!

Basic charge: Listing in YOUR BASE/HOME SHIRE – $30 (no GST) for six months
      - same listing in adjoining/other Shires: each $6 for six months.
      (In other words - your ad in your Shire plus same ad in 3 other Shires = $48 total for 6 mths) or for 12 months with the 25% discount = $72. 
      Ad includes your business details, equipment descriptions, your motto/message/boast
      PLUS 2 photos of your vehicles, equipment, etc - TWO EXAMPLES BELOW: 

Information required for sign-on (as shown in the above examples):

1. First name, surname, address (home address please - more reassuring to clients than a PO box)
2. Phone numbers, email address, website or Facebook page?
3. Business details (equipment etc)
    Don't bother about formatting your info to make it look pretty! Just leave that to me!
4  Nominate your home/base Shire ($30 for 6 months)
5. List others Shires you would like your ad to go in (ea $6 for 6 months)
 (if you take up the 12 months option, a 25% discount applies to the total figure.
6. Two (2) large photos of your staff/equipment to go with your ad - ASAP

THESE IMAGES ARE REALLY IMPORTANT! Good photos of your vehicle(s) and equipment give prospective clients a good idea of how professional and well organised you are. Great first impression - better than just working off a name listed in the phone book!)

Please email your details to me - lestanner@spraycontractors.com.au
(or snail-mail to 20 Dinoga Street, Bingara NSW 2404 (An optional hard copy PDF application form is available to download and fill in by hand...)

A tax invoice will be sent to you after the ad is finalised, on-line and approved by you. Payments minimum 6-monthly, in advance – EFT - cheque. Can also send PayPal® bill if preferred

Les Tanner - Bingara NSW - home 02 6724 1806 - mobile 0488 490 026
(By the way, I've cheated a bit - because I can. This is a fairly old photo!)























(If for some reason you cannot fill this form in there are other methods of applying - alternate hard copy PDF form available)

Contractor category  

First name                       Surname       


Your local Shire     ($30 for 6 mths)

Others Shires where you would like to advertise your business? ($6 for 6 mths per Shire)

Other Shire 1     Other Shire 2

Other Shire 3     Other Shire 4

Other Shire 5     Other Shire 6  (These boxes will each accommodate 5 Shires if needed)

Two (2) images (or at very least a business card) to boost/highlight your ad?   

THESE IMAGES ARE REALLY IMPORTANT! Apart from "word-of-mouth, good photos of your vehicle(s) and equipment are the best way of introducing your business to prospective clients! (Email your images to northwestweeds@aapt.net.au)

Please add your business details in this box below as you want them to appear in the advertisement:

Suggested format for your advertisment -  e.g. contract spraying

North West Weeds - Spot & Boom Spraying
20 Dinoga Street, Bingara NSW 2404
Phone Les Tanner on 02 6724 1806
- mobile 0488 490 026
northwestweeds@aapt.net.au    (Chem-accred 6526024)
2 x 4WD units (600L tanks) - twin-reel Quik-sprays® and boomless jets
1 quad bike 80L tank 12V spot-spray unit and 5m boom
(this is an example ad wording only)

A tax invoice will be sent to you after the ad is finalised and on-line for your approval. Payments minimum 6-monthly, in advance – cheque, EFT. Can also send PayPal® bill if preferred.PayPal Logo

Part proceeds from operation of this website are being progressively directed to statewide print media ads..

If you have any questions please email me on northwestweeds@aapt.net.au or call me on 0488 490 026...If I can't take your call leave a message and I'll ring back ASAP - Les Tanner       
(Website launched 26 Aug 2013)

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